Summer Breeze and October Beatz


Written by Kim Duong – Member of MFF

Summer Breeze, organized on March 27, 2015, was a musical concert featuring different genres of music, both in English and Vietnamese. The event was organized in Arabia Youth Centre, attracting participation of around 300 audiences, many of whom are foreigners and Finnish citizens. The concert is the result of two-month intensive work of more than 30 youths in Finland, especially in Helsinki from Music For Friends Helsinki Club.

Our members performed Sweet Home Alabama on Arabia Youth Center. Photo taken by KienPham.

Some nights by vocals:Bonnie– Mikael – Linh – Vi, guitar: Khiem, drum: Otto

The event was a great success thanks to the constant support from Youth Centers in Helsinki Metropolitan area. Many of our dreams could not have been realized without this support, especially for the meeting venues. Our event also received the grant from Youth centers, which enables us to invest more on the quality of the show. We are grateful for such support from the Finnish society. We highly encourage young people living in Helsinki area to involve more in activities for the youths and ask for support, you will never know if this help can make your dreams come true. For us, Music For Friends, our dream did come true with the support of the Youth Centers.

Our last moment on Summer Breeze stage

Music For friends Helsinki is a club for Vietnamese students in Finland. We aim to be a platform for young people not only to develop their musical talents, but also a place where the youths can learn from each other from the activities we organize.


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Written by Staham Nguyen – Member of MFF

As international youths, we come to Finland with enthusiasm and aspiration to seek the quintessence of education and culture of this beautiful country. However, we also recognize it is not so easy for such foreigners as us to live in other country naturally due to the pressure of the attempt to integrate ourselves into a totally different culture from ours with disparate traditions and habits. Life of expatriate raises the desire of sharing love and passion in our deep within, to ease the daily difficulties with some little joy and smiles. It has been long said: “Where there’s music, there can be love”. That proverb urged us to be assembled playing music together under the roof of Music For Friends club, and when ardor and love of music reach its peak, we made every effort to release our wonderful brainchild – October Beatz.

The October Beatz 2015 was the descendant of the show with the same name in 2014, which were both in our annual performance series. Due to the importance of the spectacle to the entire members of the club, we referred to numerous options and eventually chose Gloria, one the professional stage for student in Helsinki.  In this second time, with the experience in organization and management learned from the success of the previous show, the whole club prepared 3 months before the D day in order to bring the best performances to the audience. Perhaps the phase of practice was the most difficult time since there were more than 12 hours per week we spent on doing singing and instrumental exercise, not to mention the individual practice of each participant when all of us had to study hardly or even struggle with work. But that meant nothing compared to the tension of 4 rehearsal session in just 3 weeks before the event, when everything was really set up as they should be in the D day. Songs and dance performances were also chosen carefully based on the concept of the show as well as singer’s suitability. Most of them were in Vietnamese and English, but this time we attempted to bring some surprises with a ballad from French, the country of love songs. Besides, the establishments of official marketing and logistics divisions was also a clear evidence of the club’s seriousness in organization. Food, drink and performing outfit was fully supported in every single practice course by the fund of the club. At crowded places such as universities, train station and shopping mall, our posts were always ready to catch people’s eyes anytime they traversed.  We would like to let everyone know about our fervor and then to come and share, so we had to take care of every little piece of the programme. Also, being a playground for Vietnamese and international student community in Finland, we understood that this was also a chance for people who wanted to improve their skills in not only art but also in multimedia and event organizing, and astoundingly we called for the help of an unexpected number of over 50 volunteers.

And finally, sweat of the whole club has been compensated deservedly for the greater success of the show. Almost 300 sold tickets and the stage jam-packed with audience were stronger than any word to prove the gratification of people to the event lasting for 3 hours. Besides Vietnamese, there were a significant amount of audience from many other country such as Finland, Russia, and French. This made us realize that apart from a music playground, the show was a chance for us to connect to people around the world, sharing not only our passion and enthusiasm but also culture to everyone. All of those things would had been nothing without helps from Nuorisotalo. They supported us with practicing stage, a large number of instruments and devices, and ultimately, a considerable financial sponsorship. Thanks to them, we were lent wing to satisfy our ardor, making a better of us and linking us together. And we believed that such model for youth as Nuorisotalo should be encouraged and multiplied widely to help young individual get chances to manifest their ability, enrich their spiritual life and make their dream come true. We would like to express our gratitude to Nuorisotalo managers and staffs for co-operating with us bringing the success to our event.

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