Lucky Stripes Take me dancing

We did this music video for a young Finnish artist Lucky Stripes, who specializes in electronic music. He´s also knows as the other member of Hemo DJ´s. The idea was to produce something that has a pretty complex story, since keeping the viewers attention throughout the song is pretty challenging especially in this genre as there´s no lip sync. The writing process was quite long since story had to be well thought and scheduled for two days of shooting. After we got our script and visual ideas together we applied for some financial support from Sponssi (Helsinki Youth Department) and because most of our crew and cast were under 21-years of age we were granted 800€ for this project.

We decided to film this with two different cameras, Sony F3 for the outside scenes and Sony FS700 for highspeed slowmotion shots. We also used our own Canon 5D Mk2 with the bodyrig. Kinos Rentals provided a pretty good deal for the kit we needed.

The whole thing was put together with Premiere Pro CS6 and graded with DaVinci Resolve Lite.